• Ready to eat Superfood Detox & Clean-Eat Meal plans & healthy snacks delivered direct to your door.

Perth's PREMIUM 3, 5 + 20-day superfood meal programs. Delivered to your door. Time to feel light, bright and re-energized.

Hand made. Real Food. Nutritionally approved.

Look and feel your best with our 3 + 5 and 20-day weight loss and clean-eat meal programs that have been nutritionally designed so you can get that ultimate glow.

Designed to get you back on track in no time, our short-term programs have a 2-week rotational set menu so you can feel your best, quickly.

All made from scratch in our very own kitchen and delivered to your door, our nutrient-dense meals help you kick-start a healthy eating lifestyle so you can experience what it's really like to treat your body the right way.

Pure. Natural. Goodness - is waiting for you. 


Advice from our Nutritionist

"Our clever bodies naturally detox and cleanse every day but we can enhance the process by including whole, real foods that both nourish and cleanse from the inside out. Nobody likes feeling hungry, but the beauty
of the Kale & Co. Detox Program is that you don't need to. It includes all the fuel that your body needs to repair and restore, while giving your gut a healthy break".
- Julie Meek, Kale & Co. Nutritionist and Accredited Practicing Dietician
Former Fremantle Dockers & Wildcats Sports Dietician.

Five Star Reviews

  • I have truly enjoyed every single meal so far. I am a busy Mum of two boys so not having to prepare my meals has been fantastic and I am now considering signing up for the 20 day meal plan. Thanks for supplying such excellent food and service!
  • I did the detox this week and have just signed up for another. I'm seriously in love with program!!!! I feel amazing and it was just what I need after baby number 3. Will be doing a few more detox weeks before the end of the year. I'm recommending you to anyone who's asking how I have lost the baby kgs and have the energy to run around after a 3, 2 and 5month old :) Your onto a great thing!!!
  • Thanks to Kale and Co. for fabulous lunch.
    ELLE MACPHERSON - Super Elixir
  • I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your food program and the 5 day detox I am doing. I have been putting it off, probably out of fear …. but I decided to do now it as I am going away in 10 days and wanted to kick start a healthy regime. I can’t believe how good I am feeling, I absolutely love the smoothies, juices, teas and meals! I have been on juice cleanses before, but your program is so 'complete'. I thought I would be hungry as I am a real carnivore and love my pastas too, but I feel so good, sated and no more sugar cravings at 3pm!
    AUDREY - Performance Pilates
  • Hooked! Cannot get enough... thank you for the wonderful food. Thank you so much.  We are now 6kg lighter, sexier, healthier, full of energy and utterly happy, satisfied and above all, grateful customers. We pray and hope that all the goodness you send out to people like us in each pack comes back to you ten folds.
  • The Detox had so much flavour. I will definitely be doing it again and recommending it to friends.
  • I'm 2 days into the Clean-Eat plan. Absolutely loving the food, breakfast has to be my favourite part of the plan - they have been amazing! Definitely want the recipe for the apple, blueberry and chia almond crumble! Thanks Kale and Co - the only problem is my kids keep wanting to eat it too :)
  • Who would have thought a 5 day Detox could be so easy! Really happy with the variety of foods and flavours. I've felt satisfied through out the week and am loving how good I feel. Highly recommend this.
  • Feel very fortunate to have benefited from a 5 day detox last week. I thoroughly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a kick start to their wellness regime - especially if you are a bit time poor. I noticed a lot of positive change and plan to do another cleanse soon - tastiest vegan food I have ever had. Massive kudos to Jenna, Michele and team.
  • These days my schedule is quite packed and by the time I leave the news room at night I have very little time for elaborate cook-ups. Kale and Co. Clean-Eats have saved me during those extra busy weeks where I need to be on my game and fueling myself with the right stuff. There's certainly nothing bland about the healthy meals either. I get so excited to come home to a delicious dinner. Thank you!
    SCHERRI-LEE BIGGS - Channel 9 Weather Beauty
  • I'm so passionate about nourishing my body with fresh, healthful and nutrient dense superfoods. I've spent the last 25 years eating a whole food diet, long before it became fashionable. Thank you to Kale & Co. for healthy meals delivered to my door. If you haven't tried it yourself, do yourself a favour and jump on board.

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The Ultimate Detox Program

From $250.00 - $375.00

The Clean-Eat Program


No starving or deprivation with us, just good clean eating - the way it should be.A 'clean' approach to food which helps you completely remove processed junk that makes you feel tired and bloated....

The Clean-Eat Program

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10-day Detox + Clean-Eat Mix


Welcome to one of Kale & Co's most popular programs!Spread over 2 working weeks this 10-day combo gives you the best of both worlds where you can enjoy both our...

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The ultimate bridal breakfast to keep you + your bridal team glowing on your special day.This Kale & Co. package will ensure your wedding day is a breeze so you, your bridesmaids, hairdressers,...

The Bridal Detox


Brides, looking for luminous skin, flatter tummies and that all-round bridal glow?This Kale & Co. program has specially been designed to get your ready for your unforgettable day. It's also great...

The Bridal Detox

From $375.00 - $1,350.00

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