A dairy free almond butter chocolate milk.

Whip up a batch and keep in the fridge for up to 2-3 days.

A nice way to curb that 3:30itis chocolate craving!

Fluffly, light + jam-packed with goodness.
A great breakfast-on-the-go, afternoon snack or even perfect for toddler's hungry tummies. The sweetness of the bananas is all you need. No sugar added!

Peanut buttery delights! These are also dairy free + egg free!

Loaded with vitamin E, protein, antioxidants and healthy fats this smoothie is a skin-saver and always helps our body to recover if you have ....

Did you know that you could be happier and more productive through a healthy gut? Find out how you can grow your own community of ‘good' bacteria by taking in super beneficial pre and probiotics each day - all you need are these simple strategies and tips from our Nutritionist, Julie Meek.

Enter protein supplements. These products have been gracing shelves in increasing numbers for quite some time now but the new cool kid on the block is ...

As a new mum of three, the crazy and the chaos has escalated and I’ve definitely found it hugely difficult to find time to balance my own health and get enough good food and nutrition in my diet. We all know what its like, mum is the absolute last priority in the food chain and often breakfast can be a quick gulp of coffee and a biscuit! Not the best start to a busy day!

If you are already one of our valued customers, keeping portions in check is probably one of the reasons you are part of our gang – this is important to us too.

To avoid the portion size pit, consider the following 6 tips ...

To celebrate International Women's Day the two ladies behind Kale & Co. answer a Q&A sharing their top business tips, the challenges of having your own business and how to keep motivated, challenged and inspired every day.

To celebrate the first day of Autumn we are sharing our easy vegan carrot cake muffin recipe.

All blitzed up in a blender, you'll be able to whip these dairy free muffins up in a matter of minutes. Made with oat flour and freshly grated carrots, these are healthy enough to munch on for breakfast!

After the hustle and bustle that was your day, we share some simple tips on how to channel your calm and slowly peel away from every day stresses, so you can give your body the chance to rejuvenate physically as well as emotionally.

What’s the problem with eating too much salt? Find out what Nutritionist and Dietician Julie Meek has to say...


Whilst love is in the air, we're sharing our delicious 'Raspberry Ripe' Bar recipe. A dreamy mix of coconut, almonds, raspberries + chocolate!

To celebrate Australia Day, we're sharing our easy 'Lamington' bliss ball recipe. A dreamy mix of cashews, coconut + chocolate!

Kale & Co. Nutritionist Julie Meeks shares her thoughts on 'detoxing' ..

On average, every year in Australia over the festive season we gain 2 kg in weight. This is equivalent to four butter or margarine containers!

The thing is, it doesn't have to be like this – there are many smart swaps that can be made while still enjoying all there is to offer over the festive season and make it to the New Year in good shape.

My personal and professional ethos is all about enjoying good food that is mostly healthy to fuel these busy bodies of ours, but having the confidence to occasionally include ‘treat’ foods knowing that this is all part of a balanced diet.

For many of you joining us at Kale & Co. we know staying healthy for your working week
Monday - Friday is easy!

However as the weekend approaches sometimes it's tough to stay motivated and keep away from unhealthy, sugary, processed and fatty take away options for those 2 extra days.

This chocolate mousse tastes so good, it's almost like you're eating the real thing.

Loaded with antioxidants and healthy fats is the perfect alternative to a sugary-processed chocolate mousse. It's also vegan, gluten free and dairy free and takes less than 10 minutes to whip up.

The perfect weekend treat.

So easy to make.

Julie Meek, a Nutritionist and Accredited Practising Dietitian gives us her thoughts on going going 'sugar free'.

"This way of eating has been gathering strength and momentum for some time now and as a nutritionist, its something that I get asked about a LOT.

Let’s just establish straight away that sugar is not heroin, ICE or any other hard drug, despite that fact that I hear people talking about ... "

We're sharing with you one of our favourite chia bowl recipes. Made with oven roasted apples, cinnamon + almond butter this power breakfast (or super snack!) is loaded with healthy fats, carbohydrates and protein; guaranteed to keep you sustained throughout the day. It's super easy to make, and you can even double up the recipe to keep in your fridge for the next few days! ...

How long have you been helping brides find their dream dresses? 
For the past 21 years I have been meeting with brides and helping them with their weddings.

We share with you what sets us apart from the rest.

We are sharing our favourite cacao nut-milk recipe with you all! It only takes 5 minutes to make and the larger batch means you can use a couple of your recycled Kale & Co. glass jars to keep in your fridge over the next few days. 


At Kale & Co. hydration is so important to us. We all know it's a little tough at times to drink 2 litres of H20, however we have a few tips to get you hydrated so your body cells will sing!

We all know that glowing skin comes from the inside-out, but there's also a quick, chemical free way to feed your skin those nutrients it needs. This avocado, honey + almond mask is our go-to beauty trick if we need to go from dull to glow in less that 10 minutes.

These little power cakes are the perfect nutrient-dense, on-the-go, no-time-for-breakfast bites. 

The healthiest pancakes you'll ever eat for breakfast!

This recipe is a Kale & Co. favourite. It's easy, healthy and is loaded with protein-rich ingredients. 

In the daily flurry of worrying about whether we are eating too much, too little, enough protein, too much carbohydrate and the other million things to think about when it comes to our bodies and food, it is easy to forget a little mineral that can do wonders to our energy levels and ...


Thanks to the WHOLE MUMMY, you now have a healthy pizza recipe perfect for Friday night's in. Homemade flat bread (200g Wholemeal flour, 120ml water, crunch salt) super veg concentrate (or. an organic tomato paste) prosciutto ham, mushrooms and cheese, oven at 180 for 15mins! Healthy, easy and super tasty!

Summer bodies are made in Winter - so this challenge is the perfect way to get started ...

We have 20-day programs Monday - Friday to help you get into a consistent, wholesome eating lifestyle.

Discipline, tests of endurance and high-powered organisation skills are handy to have when juggling a full workload and extra demands on time with a constant stream of events and parties. The thing is, it is truly impossible to manage your energy and health resources if you don’t look after what you are eating ...


Our favourite WHOLE MUMMY - Laura Sheehan, wife to Rugby star Brett Sheehan, currently lives in Narbonne, France and shares her everyday life with us. A teacher, wife and mum of 2, Laura's practical approach to life helps her find balance for both herself and her young family. She shares tips on being a mum, kids play, learning, family nutrition and at home personal fitness. We can't wait to share some of Laura's tips with you all.

To begin we are sharing Laura's DO IT YOURSELF homemade French Toast.

Easy, simple, nutritious.

B R U N C H looks like F R E N C H T O A S T, Y O G H U R T, M A P L E S Y R U P . . . 3 eggs whisked, cinnamon, tbsp maple syrup, mix in bowl, heat 2 tbsp olive oil large pan, soak thick wholemeal bread slices in mix, cook medium heat until golden both sides, serve with natural yoghurt and extra maple syrup! Yum!

This stormy, cold weather calls for hot cups of chocolate!

Full of magnesium-rich cacao these are easy to put together and warm the soul too.

(Perfectly paired with Tim Tams, raw chocolate, or a piece of decadent cake - you choose!)

Serves 2


2 cups milk – almond, coconut, or regular milk. (we always enjoy full cream milk!) You can always substitute with more water if you like. 1 heaped tablespoon raw cacao (2 tbs if you like a richer flavour) 2 teaspoons raw honey (our favourite is Elixir Honey available at Farmer Jacks - Subiaco) 2-4 tablespoons of organic coconut cream 1/2 teaspoon vanilla bean paste pinch of himalayan pink sea salt


Combine milk, cacao, vanilla bean, coconut cream and salt into a small pot. Whisk gently over a low, simmering heat. Add in honey once warmed and continue to whisk until all comes to a boil. Remove quickly once heated through. Pour and enjoy.

Image : Pinterest


Summer bodies are made in Winter and with the 'it' workout trending worldwide with long-lasting and proven results you can feel AND look your best.

Xtend Barre is Pilates and dance amplified. It brings in elements of dance, ballet and Pilates to create an adrenaline-fueled workout that strengthens, lengthens and chisels the body.

Each class features an elegant yet energetic combination of movements that enhance flexibility, improve balance, and challenge the core.

With a range of Barre workouts to choose from to suit your lifestyle, we've launched the ULTIMATE 28-day Overhaul to tone, sculpt and get that glow.

Here are Kale & Co. we're providing you with 20-days (4 working weeks) of nutrient-dense, ready-made meals delivered to your front door, PLUS, an unlimited monthly pass to Xtend Barre for an additonal $99-00, normally $219-00.

That is just over $3 a day to tone, sculpt and trim your bodies.

A free Kale & Co. TOTE bag is also included plus 5 x house-made choc-chip + chia cookies to get you started. A total saving of $299-99 can be received from this promotion.

Sign-ups to our waitlist end, TODAY.

Click here to join the 28-day overhaul with us beginning Monday 4 July.

By Kale and Co's Nutritionist, Julie Meek {}

It is rare for a day to go past without me being asked my opinion about a particular diet. Not surprisingly, there are few that I am able to give the tick of approval because the expression “going on a diet” implies that one day you will come off the diet.

Pick up any magazine or click on a myriad of Internet sites and you will find a reference to a ‘diet’ in there somewhere. The term ‘diet’ is very negative and makes people do all sorts of bizarre things, like eating a block of chocolate instead of one piece and quite often makes them unpleasant people to be with. Healthy eating is about changing your habits and enjoying food, not making your life (and everyone else’s) a misery. I think it is easy to forget that a ‘diet’ is simply the food we eat.

I feel lucky that I have the knowledge to make an informed decision about how I am going to eat and exercise but unless you are a health professional, it can be such a difficult minefield to navigate.

There will always be many wonder ‘diets’ out there in fantasyland, so how can you choose a healthy eating plan that works?

# 1. Does it claim to have ‘magic’ ingredients e.g. grapefruit, seaweed or vinegar? Not a good sign, as there is no such thing as magic in the world of food, unless you possess a superpower like SuperMan.

# 2. Does it promise rapid weight loss - like the diet that guarantees a loss of 13 inches around one leg? That would look really odd wouldn’t it?

# 3. Do you have to exercise or do you just have to lie on a vibrating machine that 'shakes' the fat off? No such luck.

#4. Who is selling the program - are they qualified and do they hold a recognised degree in nutrition or does it seem like the ‘diet’ is a quick way for them to make some cash?

#5. Do you have to buy expensive powders; potions, pills or creams that claim to miraculously melt away fat?

#6. Are you guaranteed weight loss in specific areas of your body? Not possible I ‘m afraid.

#7. Do you have to eat a small range of foods that are not familiar to you and perhaps you have never heard of before?

#8. Does the diet teach you new and improved eating habits or a crash course in how to count calories?

Eating shouldn't be a chore or about being deprived. Choosing food that nourishes your body is super important to our health and well-being but lets not forget that actually enjoying what you eat is everything.

We need to be savvy when considering changing our eating habits, and that's why here at

Kale and Co. we are so passionate about providing you with real, delicious food that is free of gimmicks and false promises.

Our food stands apart from the rest, simply because it is not bulk delivered to you all in one go. Free from preservatives and artificial colours our meal programs and products are hand-made with input and advice from our Nutritionist and delivered to your front doorstep every few days...


Last weekend I found myself drawn to a glossy cooking magazine bursting with delicious pies, slow cooked casseroles and soups. After flicking through the pages and gazing hungrily at the larger than life images, I realized that what I was actually looking for was something to warm me up ...

The sugar free way of eating has been gathering strength and momentum for some time now and as a nutritionist, its something that I get asked about a LOT. Let’s just establish straight away that sugar is not heroin, ICE or any other hard drug, despite that fact that I hear people talking about it in ...


The perfect poolside drink. To make roughly 2 litres, mix all of the below together and garnish with lemon, slices of fresh ginger and mint leaves.

1.5 litre brewed rooibos tea (you can chill in fridge beforehand) 500ml freshly pressed apple juice A squeeze of fresh lemon juice

add to liquid mix:

fresh passionfruit

lemon wedges - use lemon to squeeze

fresh juice as well as garnish

slices of fresh ginger

fresh mint leaves

Pour over ICE.

Et voila. Sip away x

Impress your friends with these guilt-free cocktails, sans the vodka. Perfect for a hot summer's day, these green jars of goodness are SO easy to make, and we're sharing our favourite pool-side recipe with you. To make roughly 2 litres, mix all of the below together and garnish with lemon, strawberries and mint ...

Have you noticed that the festive season seems to be a 3-month endurance event requiring you to possess the attributes of a finely tuned athlete? Discipline, tests of endurance and high-powered organisation skills are handy ...

Enjoy Australia Day in true style on TUESDAY 26 JANUARY.

Your back-up healthy-eating plan is in place thanks to us! We've decided to offer a special 3 day Cleanse or Nourish Plan from Thursday 28th - Saturday 30th. Your first delivery will arrive on Wednesday evening (27th Jan between 6-10pm)


A note of thanks from us at the Kale and Co team, we'd like to thank you all for your wonderful support this year. We began in March 2015 and have loved every minute of providing you all with your superfoods.