After the hustle and bustle that was your day, we share some simple tips on how to channel your calm and slowly peel away from every day stresses, so you can give your body the chance to rejuvenate physically as well as emotionally.

With your nutrition well sorted whilst you're eating Kale & Co. during the week, try implement a few of these tips into your day so you can reach a calm, grounded state of mind, and feel even more energised to tackle the next day.

1. Light an aromatherapy candle (Ylang-Ylang, Lavender).
There is no better feeling than coming home and surrounding yourself with calming light that smells incredible too. Try invest in a good quality aromatherapy candle or aromatherapy diffuser. It will not only create a peaceful serenity, it will make your abode smell pretty special too. We love the Cocolux range.

2. Take a magnesium soak bath.
Dry body brush with small gentle strokes from your toes upwards to your heart. It helps stimulate your lymphatic system and invigorates the skin. Magnesium salts helps to relieve muscle tension and gives your body an extra boost to stay strong.
These salt baths are particularly great if you are active and need to give your muscles a tension relieving soak.

3. Pop on a hydrating face mask.
After cleaning and toning, invest in a good quality hydrating face mask. We love to use a rejuvenating peptide gel mask so when we wake up our skin is plump and glowing.

4. Eat a healthy dinner (at your dinner table - no phone / laptop!).
It's so important to practise "mindful eating". Carefully chewing each bite, setting down your fork, and being 'present' while we are at the dinner table is a great start point. Our brain lets our bodies know we are full 20 minutes after we have eaten, so this is why we tend to overeat as we think we are still hungry. Slowing down gives our body and brain the chance to catch up to each other, one bite at a time. 

5. Journal your thoughts. Write down what you are grateful for. 
Plan out your next day so you are prepared and know what you have ahead for your next work day. Writing out what we are grateful for, centres us and also helps to highlight the insignificant work stresses / dramas that seem so important at the time. Try the 5 x 5 rule. "If it's not going to matter in 5 years, don't spend more than 5 minutes upset by it."

6. Sip on herbal tea (Chamomile, Peppermint).
Keeping hydrated is so important, especially as your body is about to enter into sleep for 8 hours. Calming teas help relax your nervous system and also help to prevent you nibbling on sugar-loaded treats after dinner. 

7. Switch off from technology 1 hour before bed.
No more scrolling and refreshing! Place your phone on 'Do not Disturb' and as far away from you as possible. Remember, if someone important needs to reach you, they still can.

8. Read a book.
The perfect way to wind down and escape from the world for just a few minutes. 

9. Go to bed 15 minutes early.
Try get at least 7-8 hours of shut eye. Taking some deep, slow breaths is also a great way to help your nervous system re-align. Try the 4 x 4 breathing technique. "Breathe in for 4 second, hold for 4 second, exhale for 4 seconds." With no distractions of your mobile phone head to bed early. You'll feel rejuvenated and energised when you wake up.


Love, Kale & Co.



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