Ever wondered why our food is different to the rest?

The old adage that rings true. "You pay for what you get."

Let's begin.

1. Our food is freshly made on the DAY of each delivery.

2. We do not bulk deliver. 

3. In fact, you will have our Kale & Co. refrigerated vans visit your home 3 times over five days. 

4. Our food is never frozen. It's made to be eaten and enjoyed immediately.

5. Our food is not designed to stay in your fridge for more than 48 hours.
Fresh food is real food - full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

6. All of our meals are made from scratch. 
No bottled mix-in sauces, flavours, mixes or pre-made options are used. Our chefs create each dish with the freshest supplies, and love.

7. We use top quality produce. We pay extra, so you can enjoy the benefits. 
We only use free range, and our items are organic as possible. We work with first grade suppliers like Elle Macpherson's WelleCo Super Elixir, Torres Butchers, Macro Organic, Chef's Choice Organic, Artisan Foods and local fruit and vegetable suppliers. We don't buy in our snacks, add-ons or raw-treats. We make these in our kitchen too!

8. Our food is not mass produced and shipped in from interstate.

9. Our Kale & Co. Drivers are employed by us, so they care about each and every one of their deliveries to YOU.
Kale & Co. is a family run business (Mum and daughter team!). We have small dedicated team of chefs, sous-chefs, juicers and drivers solely focused on our core business and individual customers rather than a mass market.
10. Our delivery window is limited - but there is a reason for this. We'd prefer you to be at home at night so your food is NOT sitting outside all day from morning to evening.

11. Our food containers are 100% compostable (NOT plastic) as well as environmentally friendly. We use glass jars that can be recycled. We send out e-menus to try use as little paper as possible. We also use re-usable cooler bags for our customers to either return, or use for their own supermarket shopping.

We hope that our insight has helped you understand how we work a little better, and our passion to make your three, five or twenty-day journey with us enjoyable, beneficial and real.

Lots of love, Jenna and Michele.


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