HYDRATION IS KEY .. How do you drink your 2L? Here are our 5 tips!

At Kale & Co. hydration is so important to us. We all know it's a little tough at times to drink 2 litres of H20, however we have a few tips to get you hydrated so your body cells will sing!

1. Drink 500ml of water as soon as you wake up. Your body has been sleeping for 6-8 hours, so it is actually dehydrated! It will help you revive and energise. Remember, don't skull - sip on it slowly. You will be surprised how easy it is to drink 500ml. A tall glass tumbler will do the trick.

2. You can sip on a piccolo size metabolism booster 20 minutes before breakfast.
We like to add warm water, lemon, pinch of cayenne pepper, turmeric, grated ginger + a dash of raw honey. Perfect just before you tuck into your Kale & Co. Breakfast.

3. Grab yourself a 1.5 litre bottle. Fill it up with filtered water. (We always make sure we have a chilled Brita jug in our fridge) You can pop this in your handbag and take it around with you for the day. Sip on this slowly and you will be surprised how quickly this will disappear!

4. Generally, those hunger-pangs, are actually dehydration-pangs. Try drinking a glass of water before you tuck into a snack.

5. Tea-time. Our favourite summer hydration drink is an iced green tea. It's the perfect way to not only hydrate, but flood your body with the antioxidants it needs. Pop an organic green tea bag into your tumbler of water. Add a wedge of lemon, and a sprig of mint. It's so refreshing, and you can even top your glass up one more time to get a second-use out of your tea bag. 

Happy Hydrating Kale & Co-ers. #lovekaleandco


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