Tell us a little about yourself?

I always find it difficult talking about myself! My family & close friends would say I'm a very driven person in both my personal and business life. My bridal studio in Mount Hawthorn has been a part of my life for a very long time. I'm a very fortunate lady, I have wonderful family, kids I cherish, friends who are wonderful and a career & job, that I love doing 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

How long have you been helping brides find their dream dresses?
For the past 21 years I have been meeting with brides and helping them with their weddings. It's a very special part that we play in our bride's journey leading up to their wedding day. I love it. 

Why do you think health and wellness plays such an important part in the lead up to a bride’s special day?
A bride has to feel confident on her wedding day and with a good healthy eating plan (not a starvation diet !!!!) mixed with a steady exercise regime, brides will feel healthier mentally and physically. Feeling 'great' about yourself is such a wonderful thing - and it's quite easy to do!

I'm quoting my Grandmother here, but "You are what you eat". If you eat natural, wholesome foods, your skin & eyes will showcase this for you. It’s logical really, don’t you think?

How do you encourage brides to not let the stress get the better of them? I will gladly take it from them! Stress is not a word in my store. Most of our brides surround themselves with wonderful family. If you find you have taken on too much with a DIY wedding or your workload has increased and become out of control, I advise my brides to delegate to their bridesmaids & mums too. There are also some amazing local stylists & wedding planners here in Perth, we can also recommend some to you if you need!

Do you have a favourite smoothie / drink to help you and your brides
get glowing skin?

Well Kale & Co, thank you for asking because, I loved your iced green tea, basil, lemon, apple + ginger hydrating tea that I had on Day #1! If you could bottle that and we could purchase it from you daily, we would xxxx It really gave me a boost!

Why is it important for brides to hydrate and eat something the morning of their big day? It's a BIG day ahead for every bride to be - the morning of her wedding. Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day, even on your wedding day. There is always so much that is going on - hair, makeup, photographers, videographers all at your house in the morning. You cannot forget to eat food! Some brides forget to eat and others avoid it for fear of bloat, but the truth is the key to looking your best that day is to use food as fuel and eat often. To calm a nervous tummy I love T2 Tummy Tea.

Our #RealBrideBrigade really loves your Kale & Co. Detox + Bridal Brunch package too. Your great saving of $100-00 off at the moment is a real treat.
We have heard nothing but VIP 5* ratings!


Xo Love, Samantha Wynne.

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