The Whole Mummy reviews our Post-Pregnancy Program

Laura Sheehan from The Whole Mummy shares her week with us while she enjoyed her post-pregnancy program, the perfect post natal nutrition meal plan delivered to your doorstep.

"This past week I’ve had the absolute pleasure of trialling new post-pregnancy program. Designed by leading WA dietitian, nutritionist and peak performance expert Julie Meek and in her own words “the program’s been carefully crafted with just the right mix of energy, protein, calcium, iron, whole grains and healthy fats which are important to a new mum for her health and vital to her baby for growth and development, with extra nutrients and energy to account for breastfeeding”.


As a new mum of three, the crazy and the chaos has escalated and I’ve definitely found it hugely difficult to find time to balance my own health and get enough good food and nutrition in my diet. We all know what its like, mum is the absolute last priority in the food chain and often breakfast can be a quick gulp of coffee and a biscuit! Not the best start to a busy day!

This program takes away the thinking and guesswork so that eating well is guaranteed. Delivered fresh I’ve had a healthy diet on hand so I could focus on my family knowing I had good food waiting for me when finally I could grab a spare five minutes! The best part of it was the meals were delicious and huge in portion size, I’m a big eater and there were times I couldn’t actually finish the serving so happy days! Nothing worse than a hangry mumma bear!

I was left feeling fresh, energized and (if you can believe it) calmer with the kids, with no sugar crash playing with my patience and no nagging guilt of I’ve eaten the wrong thing again. Ultimately I would have loved and would recommend this program for your first month home with baby, especially as a first time mum, that initial sleep deprivation and newborn sudden change of life can be crippling and it is then, more than ever, that you need good, healthy fuel to put in your body, with ease and without the hassle, looking after you and baby.

I loved this program, loved it ! Somewhat of a broken woman now its over but am immensely thankful to Kale & Co for wanting to share it with me and for showing me the significant difference of what I put into my body impacting what I put out, mind, body and soul, to my family."

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