20-day Overhaul


Welcome to Kale & Co's most wanted program!
Imagine your Monday-Friday sorted for a whole month. You'll also have the weekends to enjoy and relax. The very point of our 20-day program is designed to give you consistency, break bad eating habits, reset the digestive system, hydrate and replenish as well as promoting achievable weight loss.

SAVE $$$ *There is a 10% discount on this package. (price already marked as discounted). 

Choose between :
20 days of detox (vegan, gluten free, dairy free) or,
20 days of clean-eat only (mostly gluten free / vegetarian available too).
If you would like a mix of both please see our 10-day detox + clean-eat combo.

Those individuals who'd like to commit to either 20-days of detoxing, or 20-days of clean eating. Your busy work schedules won't interfere with your health, weight and fitness goals anymore, as our freshly prepared superfoods delivered to your door will give you time to focus on the more important things in life.


We don't bulk deliver, but rather visit your home numerous times over the course of the week so you're eating the freshest possible superfoods!

The 20-day program receives 3 x deliveries each week on Sunday, Monday + Wednesday evenings over the three week duration; a total of 12 deliveries!


*This program comes with a 10% saving
*$25 off voucher / promo codes / Kale & Co Coins CANNOT be used on this promotion as it is discounted already.
* 12x deliveries are included at the final checkout price.


Julie Meek, Kale & Co. Nutritionist and Accredited Practicing Dietician:

"When it comes to our health and well-being consistency is key. It can be tough sometimes to build routines like healthy eating and that's why we have designed a 20-day working week plan just for you - to get you started and keep you going. Your body will thank you for it."

What’s inside the Box

Sample Menu Only. Please note our seasonal menu is a 2 week set-menu and we don't tailor to individual requirements.

Breakfast: almond butter, cinnamon, date, banana, nut milk power smoothie / or. acai berry chia bowl with grain-free granola, coconut + mango
Morning Snack: iced green tea, basil, ginger + lemon hydrating tea
Lunch: mushroom + pesto 'arancini' with supergreen quinoa tabouli /or. power green tabouli with goji berry, kale, blueberry, pineapple and a turmeric orange dressing.
Afternoon Snack: cold-pressed green juice 
Dinner: roast pumpkin, carrot, turmeric + ginger soup / or. cauliflower, coconut + leek soup


Breakfast: blueberry, coconut + oat crumble with honey yoghurt /or. strawberry chia bowl with cold-pressed almond milk and grain free granola
Morning Snack: iced green tea, ginger + lemon hydrating tea
Lunch: beetroot, almond + basil 'burger' with quinoa tabouli /or. poached chicken salad with lime, cucumber, coriander, greens and coconut dressing
Afternoon Snack: tahini walnut brownie /or. cold-pressed greens
Dinner: tahini chicken stir-fry with supergreens /or. yoga bowl with mixed veggies, lemon yoghurt + almond

If you'd like to do a mix of both this is available through our 10-day detox + clean-eat plan.

*Please note AfterPay's limit is $999, so this program is not covered.
*This plan needs to be completed in the 4 consecutive working weeks otherwise full charges will apply. All deliveries to the same address only.
*We offer a 10% discount on this package. (price already marked as discounted)
*A further 5% is received on discounted prices for those who'd like to do this program together! (please email us)
*$25 off voucher / promo codes / Kale & Co Coins CANNOT be used on this promotion as it is discounted already.


Where we deliver

Please note that we only deliver to the following postcodes around Perth

6000 \ 6003 to 6026 \ 6029 \ 6050 to 6053 \ 6059 to 6062 \ 6064  \ 6090 \ 6100 to 6106 \ 6147 to 6160 \ 6162 to 6163

Occasionally a suburb not included is on the border of one of the above postcodes, so please check with us to see if we might be able to extend the run. We will confirm by email once we have checked your physical address details and advise.


We have moved into our brand new kitchen in Osborne Park so customers can now collect from our grab 'n go cafe in the front which is open Monday to Friday from 7am-2:30pm.

We suggest morning pickups on a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

We are located at 92 Walters Drive Osborne Park.

If you’d like to go ahead and place your order, just mention in the notes section you will be collecting and we will organise to refund the $15 delivery fee.

Please email us for more information: info@kaleandco.com.au


Our Kale and Co. meal programs only run Monday to Friday. All programs commence at the beginning of the week. Your first delivery will always be on Sunday evening.

  • 5 day programs: delivered on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday (between 4pm-10pm)
  • 3 day programs: delivered on Sunday and Monday (between 4pm-10pm)


We don't deliver outside the postcode zones listed above.

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