19 of your KALE & CO. questions answered

# 1. Do you cater for special diets and intolerances?
Our plans range from being dairy-free, gluten- free and vegan, as we do understand that many people require special diets due to allergies or intolerances. We realise that you may have an intolerance that is not included in the above and hope that you understand due to the vast array of special diets out there we don't cater to individual requirements and can't exclude specific ingredients. PLEASE NOTE: Our plans are not suitable for diabetics.

Our meal plans are short-term and are designed to get you back on track in no time. Our menus run on  a 2-week rotational set menu so you can feel your best, quickly.

#1A. Can I choose my delivery time?
No, unfortunately not. Our Kale & Co. Drivers have to work with a carefully planned route each week and due to the large number of kilometres they have to cover with each delivery night we can only give a window of between 4 - 10pm. Our drivers do send an SMS when they are 15-30 minutes away to give you a heads up.

Please note the Kale & Co Kitchen is not a Gluten Free / Nut-Free / Dairy-Free Kitchen.

Although we try our best to provide gluten free options to you our products are purchased from external suppliers and therefore we cannot guarantee any of our products - including our Superfood Staple range - is fully and entirely Gluten Free.

*please note we use oats in our clean-eat program - not suitable for coeliacs.

#2. If I feel hungry on the DETOX program, can I eat veggie sticks and fruit?
Within limits, yes you can. A reduced calorie intake is a key part of the DETOX and although vegetables are super healthy, they still contain calories. The lowest calorie vegetables that you might like to use if needed include celery, tomatoes and cucumber. Don’t forget that fluids such as plain water, water flavoured with a squeeze of lemon juice or herbal teas is also great ways to curb hunger without the calories and keep you hydrated at the same time.

#3. When is it best to have the meals pre- or post workouts?
Firstly, if you are on the Detox Program make sure that your exercise is of very minimal intensity as your calorie and carbohydrate intake are not high enough to support high intensity exercise and workouts. What you eat does play an important role in recovery post exercise and in most cases it would be better to eat after you have exercised. This would apply to the Clean-Eat Program.

#4. I'd like to start the plan, tomorrow! When can I begin?
We'd love for you to begin with us ASAP too! But, this all depends on our availability as we sometimes are fully booked. You're more than welcome to email us as we can let you know the next available spot for you to commence. We always need at least 48 hours notice when booking in your plan so we can prepare and get enough fresh fruit, vegetables and produce for each one of your packs. Our orders always close at NOON each Saturday - with your first delivery arriving on Sunday evening between 6-10pm.

#5. Why do I feel lightheaded / headache / weak generally on Day 1 and 2 of the Detox program?
It is not unusual to experience these symptoms when starting on the Detox / Liqui-Tox Program as for most people the calorie intake is significantly reduced from a regular day (quite often we consume an excess amount of calories every day). In addition, if you have been used to having a regular intake of caffeine and then none on these programs, all of these symptoms can reflect withdrawal from caffeine! Hang in there, it does get better and your body will thank you!

#6. I'm not around over the weekend, can I start my program mid-week?
As we like to begin each week on the right foot, we only offer our programs from Monday-Friday with your first delivery always arriving on Sunday evening so you can begin first thing on Monday morning. We unfortunately can't begin your program mid-week!

#7. What are the prices for the meal plans?
Please refer to the list of our programs. We have a few plans to choose from and all suited to individual budgets. We do have a minimum spend fee of $100 to receive your delivery.

#8. What is an example of a day of meals?
See our 'Sample Menu' to get a taste of what our seasonal menu looks like!

#9. Can we pick up the programs?
We only offer a delivery service as we have moved to a brand new commercial premise. Unfortunately pick-ups are not available.
Deliveries happen on a Sunday, Monday and Wednesday evening, all between 6-10pm. Our drivers send out an SMS when they are 20-30 mins away to give you a heads-up.

#10. What if I'm not listed in the postcode zones?
We have tried our best to reach as many suburbs throughout the Perth Metro area. If you are not in our delivery zone, perhaps you can find a friend/ family member who is and pick-up from their home.

#11. Are the programs delivered all at once?
Definitely not! We freshly prepare your programs throughout the course of the week so you will receive 2-3 deliveries depending on your chosen plan.
For the 5 day programs, you will receive 3 deliveries over the course of the week.
1 day on Sunday, 2 days on Monday and your final 2 days on Wednesday.

For the 3 day programs, you will receive 2 deliveries over the course of the week.
1 day on Sunday, 2 days on Monday.

#12. Will I lose weight on the meal programs?
Although there is an average amount of calories required each day for men and women, the actual amount of calories that are best for your body will vary depending on the individual. Most people will lose body fat if they are consuming 1500-1800 calories and both the Detox and Clean-Eat plans fall within this range.

#13. Can I exercise on the Detox Program?
30 minutes of low intensity exercise is advised 2-3 times. This could be a short walk or run. Or a yoga / pilates session.

#14. I am vegan; will I be getting enough protein with the Detox Plan?
Good quality plant based protein is included in the Detox Program and is completely suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

#15. What if I'd like to increase my protein intake, what do you recommend?
You're more than welcome to add extra proteins like fish, grass-fed beef, chicken to the meals for an extra boost.
If you are using the Detox / Clean-Eat plan to lose body fat, there is no need to increase your protein intake.

#16. How often and for how long can I do the Detox program / Clean-Eat program
The Clean-Eat Program can be used indefinitely as it is contains a mix of carbohydrates, proteins and healthy fats. However, the Detox Program is designed for short-term use. Because there is a weekend break in between, it is ok to embark on our 20-day programs. It's all about listening to your body!

#17. What plan is the better option if I am pregnant?
The Detox is not suitable for pregnancy with the Clean-Eat being the best option if you are pregnant.
Aside from eating a well-balanced healthy diet, the first trimester of pregnancy does not require any additional calories than before you were pregnant. That’s around 2000 calories. Our Clean-Eat program does contain dairy.
However, you will need to add extra calories for the second and third trimesters of your pregnancy and as the Clean-Eat contains around 1800-2000 calories, this will mean an additional:
2nd trimester: 300 - 400 calories per day
3rd trimester: 700 -900 calories per day

Please note : Low levels of iron can be common during pregnancy and it can be very difficult to obtain sufficient amounts through food. In some cases an iron supplement may be advisable - please consult with your Doctor or obstetrician regarding this.

#18. I am pregnant, I don't want to take vitamins and supplements, as I would prefer to do the meal plans and eat real food.
Will I be getting all the right vitamins and minerals?

It is always preferable to obtain your vitamins and minerals through real food. However, this can be difficult when you are pregnant, especially in the second and third trimesters. If you are on the Clean-Eat plan, you will need to add some extra calories as above but you should also be consulting with your obstetrician regularly who will be monitoring any blood tests and any nutritional needs that arise from these. Low levels of iron can be common during pregnancy and in some cases an iron supplement may be advisable.

#19. Can I breastfeed whilst on the meal program?
The Detox Program is not suitable while breastfeeding but the Clean-Eat Plan can be used during breastfeeding. If your baby is exclusively breastfeeding, you will need to consume an additional 500 calories per day on top of the Clean-Eat Plan to ensure that both your and your babies’ nutritional needs are met.