We have developed 3, 5 + 20 day weight loss and clean-eat meal programs + products that have been nutritionally designed to give you superfood nutrient-dense dishes that are made from scratch in our very own kitchen.

Our weekday programs give you the opportunity to kick-start a healthy-eating regime, allowing your body to re-set and rejuvenate itself from the inside out with our nutritionally complete, perfectly portioned meal plans.

Our seasonal menus have been carefully designed and given the tick of approval by leading Nutritionist and Dietitian Julie Meek. Together, we have developed delicious, nutritious meals that will give your body the chance to cleanse and nourish itself and boost your metabolism, which gives you energy and vitality plus improving your digestive health.

All of our meals are free from gluten*, unhealthy fats, refined sugars, additives and preservatives.
*please note we use oats in this program - not suitable for coeliacs.

Although we try our best to provide gluten free options to you our products are purchased from external suppliers and therefore we cannot guarantee any of our products - including our Superfood Staple range - is fully and entirely Gluten Free.