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Designed to suit your lifestyle and needs, you have a chance for a complete body overhaul with our 20-day DETOX or CLEAN-EAT programs.

20-day program for 1 - save up to $150-00
20-day program for 2 - save up to $285-00

"When it comes to our health and well-being consistency is key.
It can be tough sometimes to build routines like healthy eating and that's why we have designed a 20-day working week plan just for you - to get you started and keep you going. Your body will thank you for it."
- Julie Meek, Kale & Co. Nutritionist and Accredited Practising Dietician.


"I just wanted to write you an email and tell you how much I am loving the 20-day overhaul so far. I am feeling full and healthy - but more than anything, I am taking notes about each meal I'm eating, and learning a lot about the way I should be feeding my body and the ingredients you are using.
It's such good education for me, and it's showing me a lot of my downfalls in my previous eating habits.
I know I have another two weeks left on the clean eat program, however I would like to sign up for another 4 weeks of the clean eat after I have finished this.
- Maddison Townsend.