The Post-Pregnancy Program


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The Kale & Co. post-pregnancy program has been specially designed by leading WA dietitian, Nutritionist and Peak Performance expert Julie Meek. Based on our Clean Eat program, this program includes additional nutritional requirements to make sure you're eating correctly.

"This program has been specifically designed around the nutritional needs of new mums (whether it be the first, second or third time round!) during the months while you are using plenty of energy feeding a new baby.

Based around our Clean Eat Program and tailored nutritionally to suit new mums, this meal plan also addresses the fact in those early blurry days, buying and preparing food is virtually impossible! Having each meal designed and crafted for exactly what you need with a newborn means that you can focus your energy on looking after your bundle of joy and actually feel good while you are doing it. 

This is not a run of the mill generalised meal plan but one that addresses all the special dietary needs of breastfeeding mums wanting to be healthy and feel and look good.

Carefully crafted with key ingredients, this program includes the ideal mix of energy, protein, calcium, iron, whole grains and healthy fats. All of these are important to you as a Mum but also vital to your newborn for their growth and development.

This program is suitable for all Mum’s wanting to eat well but is particularly useful while exclusively breastfeeding and requiring a higher amount of energy and nutrients to meet these needs. Energy requirements do vary depending on the individual and therefore, so will the length of time this program could be used. However, it can be used indefinitely as it is nutritionally balanced."

If you are not breastfeeding and your exercise regime is limited, try our CLEAN EAT program which is suitable too.




Julie Meek, our Nutritionist shares why this program is ideal for mums.

Lack of sleep, stress, hormones and changes to your body can make eating well a marathon event post pregnancy!

It is easy to grab foods or snacks that are quick and simple but often these types of choices are on the nutrition low side and rather than assist you with losing weight, they can actually cause weight gain.

It is essential that the food you choose is nutrient dense and not full of empty calories - firstly to fuel your baby but also to maximise the mental and physical energy that you need to do this. Getting back into exercise is crucial to your wellbeing on all fronts too and eating well will enable you to do this.

After prepping for the big event for the past 9 months and often being cautious about what you eat, it can be tempting to throw caution to the wind and eat everything in sight.

You may find that your appetite is huge or at the other end of the scale, at an all time low. Either way, not having to think about preparing and cooking food and instead having meals delivered that are exactly the right size reduces the tendency to both over and under eat.

You have enough to think about without feeling guilty or stressed about what you are eating. Or not.

Eating regularly and often can be one of the best strategies for losing post pregnancy weight as this reduces blood sugar swings and the constant need to repair them.

Of course, the birth of your baby can be a super happy time but it can also be an emotional time and feeling unhappy about your body or shape can make this tricky terrain to get through.

Looking after what you eat can quite literally transform your outlook on life and this has a trickle on effect to the rest of your family.

    This unique post-pregnancy program contains on average 8800kJ or 2000 calories, which addresses the energy and nutrition requirements post-pregnancy whilst mum is exclusively breastfeeding baby.


    What’s inside the Box

    Please note our seasonal menu is a 2 week set-menu and we don't tailor to individual requirements / tolerances.

    The Post-Pregnancy program program is based around our CLEAN EAT Program and tailored nutritionally to suit breastfeeding mums. It features 4 x items per day and it is mainly gluten free but we do use oats, wholegrain pasta, brown rice and cous cous.

    Approximately 2000 calories per day. Ideal for breastfeeding mums.

    See sample menu below:

    banana, almond + oat 'toast' with a cinnamon almond butter 
    strawberries & cream chia pot with housemade nut milk and grain-free granola.

    pea, kale + feta chickpea fritters with a wholegrain cous cous tabouli, housemade tzaztiki 
    lemon + herb grilled chicken salad with feta, almond, cranberry, pepita, grated carrot, forbidden red rice + quinoa

    P.M. SNACK: 
    choc dipped muesli cookies, / or, raw cacao nut truffle  / or, protein + calcium power smoothie, almond milk, berries, organic hemp protein, yoghurt.

    thai green coconut curry with super greens and brown rice
    vegetarian yoga bowls with warming turmeric rainbow stewed vegetables, coconut, chickpeas, spinach, almonds and quinoa / brown rice

    Please refer to our FAQ for any severe dietary requirements, allergies, intolerances + conditions. (Plans are not suitable for diabetics.)

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    Our Kale and Co. meal programs only run Monday to Friday. All programs commence at the beginning of the week. Your first delivery will always be on Sunday evening.

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