A dairy free, gluten free wholefood + juice meal program to help you get back on track with your healthy eating!
Featuring smoothies, chia bowls, super salads and vegetable-loaded dinners, this will get your skin glowing again, re-set your gut microbiome and fire up your metabolism. This program is jam packed with hydrating greens, vegetables, gentle grains, plant proteins and important prebiotic and probiotics to get your body feeling great again. 

You can either have this program delivered to your doorstep, or you can collect from our Kale & Co Kitchen HQ in Osborne Park.

Delivery Days:
Our drivers will send you an SMS when they 15-30 mins away.
2 x days - Monday night (5-9pm)
2 x days - Wednesday night (5-9pm)

Pick-up Days:
The Kitchen - 92 Walters Drive Osborne Park
2 x days - pick up Tuesday (from 7am)
2 x days - pick up Thursday (from 7am)


Our meals are all about helping you to eat smarter, live lighter and learn that healthy eating is easy and totally delicious too!

Let us do the hard work for you. We pre-select our favourite dishes for you so all you have to do is receive your delivery, refrigerate, and EAT! 

You'll receive 4 x days of the following:
Breakfast x 1
Lunch x 1
Dinner x 1
Snack x 1

Perfect for those who are wanting to completely 'detox' and eliminate dairy and gluten for 4 consecutive days. These vegan meals all feature the essential nutrients to keep your metabolism firing, including slow release carbohydrates, whole grains, nuts, fresh vegetables, fruit, seeds, healthy fats and important micronutrients. Portion controlled, hand-made on site by our team of chefs and loaded with top quality produce and organic items where possible.

Our meals are not about 'calorie counting'. We're focused on a more holistic approach to healthy eating where our dishes are balanced, nutritious and delicious. For us, eating this way without depriving yourself is for more maintainable and enjoyable! Cold-pressed vegetable and fruit juices, smoothies and wholesome snacks are also included.


What’s inside the Box


4 items a day : 1 x breakfast, 1 x lunch, 1 x dinner and 1 x snack.
This is a seasonal menu and we don't tailor to individual requirements.

Approximately 1500-1600 calories. We don't 'calorie count' but rather offer a more holistic approach to healthy eating. Our meals are handmade from scratch, portion controlled and are loaded with a nutritionally appropriate amount of carbohydrates, fats, plant proteins etc. 

dairy free chia + coconut bowls with grain free granola

dairy free power smoothie with banana, macadamia milk, mixed berries, linseed, sunflower seed, almond butter, coconut yoghurt

coconut yoghurt fruit pots with toasted granola

roasted vegetable rainbow salad with cashew cream, almond basil pesto + a herbed tahini dressing

vegan 'bun-less' burger (roasted cauliflower + carrot) with a seasonal side salad and an orange mustard apple cider vinegar dressing

herbed chickpea falafel salad bowls with a quinoa tabouli, beet hummus

raw lemon bar

raw coconut rough bar

cold-pressed glowing green juice

iced green tea tonic with cold-pressed apple, ginger and lemon


vegan lentil + bean spaghetti bolognese with gluten free spaghetti, cashew cream

vegan roast vegetable lasagne stack with slow grilled rainbow vegetables, cashew cream, tomato sugo + almond basil pesto

broccoli pesto pasta bowls, chickpea pasta, lemon, chilli, housemade basil almond pesto, sundried roma, broccoli


Please refer to our FAQ for any severe dietary requirements, allergies, intolerances + conditions. (Plans are not suitable for diabetics, coeliacs or serious medical conditions unless given the tick by your GP.)

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