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Normally $700-00! Save over $100-00. Please note the
$25-00 OFF voucher OR Kale &  Co Coins can not be applied to this program*

The perfect plan for males + females who'd like to venture down a health eating journey together for 5 days Monday - Friday. 
Ladies embark on our Clean-Eat Program, while Men enjoy the power food 'Man-Plan' which includes Paleo Meals too.

Female Plan:
This Kale & Co. CLEAN-EAT meal program offers 5 items per day. It is loaded with healthy proteins, nuts, seeds, legumes, whole grains, fruit, vegetables, healthy dairy and chicken only. Mainly plant-based it's perfect for those who’d like to kick-start a healthy eating regime, maintain optimum weight or shed a few unwanted kilos.

Man Plan:
This Kale & Co program offers 5 items per day and is loaded with power foods including paleo meals to keep the boys happy, satisfied and healthy. Loaded with healthy proteins (red meat and chicken - 150g per dish) nuts, seeds, fruit, vegetables, and wholesome carbohydrate. Perfect for men who are busy and need healthy, power meals to fuel your entire day. Not focused on calorie counting, our plans are more about offering meals that are clean, delicious, hand-made and healthy. .

What’s inside the Box

Sample Menu Only. Please note our seasonal menu is a 2 week set-menu and we don't tailor to individual requirements.

Breakfast: blueberry, coconut + oat crumble with honey yoghurt /or. strawberry chia bowl with cold-pressed almond milk and grain free granola
Morning Snack: iced green tea, ginger + lemon hydrating tea
Lunch: beetroot, almond + basil 'burger' with quinoa tabouli /or. poached chicken salad with lime, cucumber, coriander, greens and coconut dressing
Afternoon Snack: tahini walnut brownie /or. cold-pressed greens
Dinner: tahini chicken stir-fry with supergreens /or. yoga bowl with mixed veggies, lemon yoghurt + crushed almond
(mainly GF)


Morning Power Smoothie ( pre / post workout ): housemade cold-pressed almond milk, banana, cinnamon, grain free granola, chia seed + super elixir vegan pea and brown rice protein powder
Breakfast: banana + oat 'toast' with almond butter and strawberries
Lunch: Lemon and herb zucchini noodle salad with roasted capsicum, pumpkin + an avocado dressing, - or,
Almond, lemon + herb chia crust chicken schnitzels with dairy free greek salad and coconut tzaztiki

Afternoon Snack: cold-pressed juice / raw treat
Dinner: Cauliflower fried rice with grass fed beef, rainbow vegetables, free range egg and a housemade lime, ginger + chilli asian sauce - or,
Slow cooked beef massaman + coconut curry with cauliflower rice and leafy greens 
-or, Chilli Chicken Bun-less Burgers with sweet potato and steamed greens.

Please refer to our FAQ for any severe dietary requirements, allergies, intolerances + conditions. (Plans are not suitable for diabetics.)

Where we deliver

Please note that we only deliver to the following postcodes around Perth

6000 \ 6003 to 6026 \ 6029 \ 6050 to 6053 \ 6059 to 6062 \ 6064  \ 6090 \ 6100 to 6106 \ 6147 to 6160 \ 6162 to 6163

Occasionally a suburb not included is on the border of one of the above postcodes, so please check with us to see if we might be able to extend the run. We will confirm by email once we have checked your physical address details and advise.

Our Kale and Co. meal programs only run Monday to Friday. All programs commence at the beginning of the week. Your first delivery will always be on Sunday evening.

  • 5 day programs: delivered on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday (between 4pm-10pm)
  • 3 day programs: delivered on Sunday and Monday (between 4pm-10pm)


We don't deliver outside the postcode zones listed above.

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